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Our Mission

Set Free Indeed Ministry is a life transforming approach to breaking the addiction cycle, addressing mental and emotional wellness and untreated trauma. Our Support Meetings and Programs involve the entire family and loved ones, as this problem has dramatically affected not just the struggling individual, but also everyone in the path of the addiction and or destructive behaviors. 

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Our Addiction Outreach Program provides information, support and referrals to individuals and families seeking treatment and recovery services. We work with area providers and service organizations

If you are looking for resources or just some information that may help, please may sure to look into some of the links and information provided on this page.

We at Set Free Indeed Ministry greatly appreciate your donation and your sacrifice. Your support not only helps us to continue our mission, but it helps each and every life that we touch.

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We are constantly on the move in our mission to break addiction and to make our communities better places. Take a look at what we have coming next!

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“I’ve been in recovery for about 38 years, so this is not just a career,” Myles says. “It’s a calling for me. I know how it is to be in the throes of addiction, to feel helpless.  That you’re by yourself and that you will never get out of that bad space. I wake up every day to push hope.”

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